Young Men Take the Lead in Prevention Efforts at West Campus

In October 2012, WEAVE’s Prevention and Education department began facilitating the MyStrength Young Men’s Club at West Campus High School in Sacramento. The club is an opportunity for young men to discuss topics that they may not feel comfortable talking about in the presence of young women. The group discusses the messages men receive from our society about how to act, look, and treat other people. Specifically, the group will address men’s relationships with women, and how they can take a stand to prevent violence against women.

The group of 14 was an instant success, and more and more young men asked to join. In January 2013, WEAVE started a second club at West Campus to create opportunities for more young men to participate. With two MyStrength clubs meeting weekly, WEAVE is helping to support young male leaders as they begin addressing the issues of relationship violence and sexual
assault.  For more information about WEAVE’s MyStrength program, contact Michael Minnick, Youth Violence Prevention Coordinator at

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